As a hobby, I develop videogames, and I’ve released two so far:

I am inordinately fond of both the Kotlin programming language and command-line utilities. I’ve created a few Kotlin-based utilities that I use pretty much every day:

  • kinstall - a utility to manage gradle-project-based command-line utilities.
  • tnote - a command-line note taking app.
  • glasnik - a command-line REST client (like Postman but with no GUI).

I spend more time than is advisable playing a videogame called Noita. I’ve created a utility called noita-util that manages save files and acts as a general companion for playing the game.

I also enjoy cryptic crosswords and other word games. A long time ago I maintained a library for word pattern searches called Cryptic Muse, and I’ve rewritten it in a number of programming languages since then. When I’m hiring developers, I often use a solver for the New York Times Letter Boxed puzzle as a coding exercise. Here is my solution to that exercise.